Poverty, cultural norms and practices, fragility, violence and poor infrastructure impedes girls´ access to education. An educated woman translates to a health woman, one who is able to take part in the job market, one who earns more, who chooses to delay marriage and child bearing, has fewer children, makes better sexual and reproductive health decision and guarantees better education and health for their children. Educating a girl is therefore a development priority since it has spill-over effects on other development objectives . Educated girls act as mentors to other girls in the society and challenge power structures in the society. Bold Africa support girls and young women’s education by providing financial support to merit-based students from disadvantaged backgrounds. In addition we encourage girls to pursue education and re-entry and resuming of studies by young mothers.

In every society, regardless of economic levels, there is talent and drive. Opportunities need to be made available for these values to be exploited and investment made in creating a pool of female leaders. Creating opportunities for young female leadership can help alter their position in society.

Survey have shown that young girls have fewer social opportunities than boys; they are less likely to meet friends of the same sex, make new friends and possibly interact with a mentor. Friends and mentors are social assets for girls that can reduce health and economic risks. In every society, there are girls that possess leadership abilities. These girls are a valuable asset for poor marginalized societies because they have potential to be leaders in the society and consequently mentors to other girls. Nurturing girl’s leadership abilities had myriad of benefits among others: provision of role models and heroes to the next generation, it alters retrogressive tradition and norms and it strengthens and empowers the older girls. Giving a sense of responsibility and having a visible leadership role in the community by young girls contributes immensely to change. A network of young female leaders have proven to be effective in challenging power structures in the community and contributes to a strong female voices in the decision-making area. Poor regions lack a strong female presence in leadership or arena where young women can meet and interact.

Bold Africa provides holistic workshop style personal development course for girls and young women to be productive adults. Our mentorship we encourage their ambition, empower their confidence, and keep them on track by helping them set goals and work towards achieving them. We also provide a cascading/mentorship programs to encourage leadership and mentorship among the girls. Through our leadership and mentorship program, we envision:

  • Young female leaders seeking and valuing community action and involvement
  • Young women who recognize their self-worth and potential
  • Young women with increased self-esteem and decision-making abilities
  • Young women who envision themselves as leaders now and in the future
  • Positive role models for young women, which encourage their ambition, self-confidence and growth, allowing them to trust and showing them that they are supported.
  • Young women with more positive attitudes toward school, improved academic performance higher levels of self-confidence and a greater ability to express their feelings