With full involvement of girls and young women and in full respect of their privacy, confidentiality and consent, Bold Africa designs and implements programs that respond to their reproductive and sexual health needs.   

There is a growing realization of the significance of addressing adolescent sexual and reproductive health. The Convention on the Rights of the Child proclaims that information and services for survival, growth and development to full potential is a right of every child. The 1994 program of Action of the International Conference on Population and Development, calls for satisfaction of Sexual and Reproductive Health of Adolescents and young people needs. Insufficient adolescent information and services engenders a lack of understanding of their sexuality, unwanted pregnancy, sexual transmitted diseases which could lead to infertility. In many societies, adolescent especially young women from low-income and rural societies encounter pressures to engage in sexual activity.

Bodily changes are not the only experience brought by onset of adolescence but only vulnerabilities to abuse of human rights especially when it comes to sexuality, marriage and childbearing. Adolescent girls are psychosocially and biologically more vulnerable to violence and prostitution, sexual abuse and impacts of premature and unprotected sexual relations. Early sex debut combined with lack of information and services results to early and unwanted pregnancy, sexual transmitted infections such HIV and unsafe abortions. Early pregnancy and child-bearing stand in the way of improvement of women’s social, economic and educational status all over the world. Early marriages and child-bearing have a negative impact on the lives of young women and quality of lives if their children; the education and employment opportunities are curtailed by their new role. In addition, young men are not educated to share responsibility in matters of sexuality and reproduction with women. Young mothers have the highest risk of maternal death and children of young mothers experience higher levels of morbidity and mortality.

We offer comprehensive sexuality education that includes among other things menstrual hygiene management. We offer counselling and access to sexual and reproductive health information to adolescent girls and young women to enable them deal with sexuality positively and responsibility. We also implement programs that educate young men on respecting women’s self-determination and share in the responsibility of matters of sexuality and reproductive health. Working with key stakeholders in the community, we create a safe space where young girls and women can free from judgement receive information about sexual and reproductive health. Bold Africa also train peer-to-peer educators or champions who assist in sharing information. In addition, we with the local health facilities for referral services and provision of youth-friendly service.