Bold Africa is a not for profit organization registered in 2019 that aims at advocating for the Sexual Reproductive and Health Rights, right to education and economic rights for girls and young women as a means of eradicating gender inequality.The vision behind the organization is to address gender disparity with the involvement of all stakeholders of the community to mentor young women and girls on their rights through designing unique tailoredprograms.

The organizational first geographical focus is Homa Bay county with an aim to steadily expanding nation-wide .This is informed by the county‘s rate of teen pregnancy, HIV prevalence , early marriage and early sexual debut  that is considerably higher than the national average.

How we plan to do this

The organization seeks to address gender inequality by focusing on improving on the lives of girls and young women in rural areas.

Through various programs in education and mentorship, entrepreneurship and sexual and reproductive health that are plagued with gender disparity.Bold Africa equips women for a gender equal future.One such program in a safe space for the adolescent girls and young women to freely inquire and share information about sexual reproductive health. The organization removes obstacles to girls’ school attendance by providing reusable sustainable sanitary towel.

The organization will support education of girls by financially supportingdisadvantaged girls to complete their basic school.In addition,we will make the library accessible for the youth to spend their leisure time productively .Completion and secondary and higher education by girls and woman is reported to lead to better sexual and reproductive health outcomes,less likelihood of early pregnancies and leads to higher socio-economic statusIn the pipeline is a workshop style personal development programs for girls and young women who can mentor their peers in a bid to train girls and young women on leadership.

Bold Africa aims to collaborate with the local dispensaries in provision of youth-friendly information and services on Sexual Reproductive Health.In addition,we look forward to collaborating with the local churches to mobilize the community and reach out to the rest of the community to be accepting of the changing roles of women.

Through Education and financial literacy classes,Bold Africa aims to encourage more young women to consider entrepreneurship.Economic empowerment of women disrupts cyclic poverty.

Project outcomes 2020-2025

Bold Africa aims to have achieved the following in the course of its existence,in line with the current issues:

  • To raise awareness on the state of adolescent and young women especially in rural areas through tradition and digital means.
  • To promote the adherence   girls and women right’s and their best interest through Civic Education.
  • Significantly provided equal opportunities to children to pursue “gender biased” careers/professions.
  • To have tangibly improved the lives of less privileged and vulnerable girls and women through mentorship programs.
  • To significantly reduce vulnerability of girls’ human rights abuse when transitioning womenhood.
  • To have provided professional, advisory and consultancy services in policy, research, planning and management relating to gender, women, youth and human rights issues to the members of any other organization, the public or any sector that may require the same.
  • To have written personal or written appeals, held private meetings, public meetings and representations to Parliament, government entities and other bodies as deemed expedient to promote any of the objects of the Organization in favor of our target group (children) and other relevant persons thereto.